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Create 75 % eyes closed picture

Create 75 % eyes closed picture 

How to create 

You guys must have noticed while using mobile that you have to close your eyes a little and look at this picture. After looking at the image, he transforms into a human form. Whether the picture is of a forest or a hilly area or a city, it is made into a human image. So, how to make pictures like this, I am going to teach you guys in a very easy way. Because nowadays everyone wants to make their pictures like this. These pictures are becoming quite popular on social media such as Facebook Tik Tok and YouTube. So making these pictures has become a hobby for everyone. But no one remembers how these pictures are made. First of all, all these images are created with the help of AI. And today, AI has become famous as an expert in creating one-to-one objects.

75% eyes closed picture 

To create a photo, first of all your photo should be full HD and in addition to being HD, this photo should have a nice background. And if you have one or two people in your picture, whatever people you have is fine, but the best thing is to have only one person in your picture. After that you have to search in Google about the AI ​​website in which these images are created . After that, you have to open the website, after opening it, you will get a sign very easily, you have to click on it, then after that it will be written there, upload your picture, so you have to click on it. After a little loading, your image will be created, whether you want to put it in the up-ground or in the city, wherever you want to put it, it will be ready. 


So finally we come to how we can turn our image into an AI image. So you guys must have made your picture complete that's why we are sitting here to solve each and every problem of you guys. So if you have any problem you can contact us.

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