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How to get free YouTube views

How to get free YouTube views 

 Free YouTube views

How to get free youtube views. Now I have brought a very specialist view machine for you guys.You guys can easily get thousands of rolls of lacquer from it.But there is one condition that you people will go by clicking on the joke here.YouTubers need thousands and millions of views, so I have brought a very special views machine for you guys.So no need to worry, you guys don't even worry about the views anymore.How are you guys supposed to use it?And what do you need to use it?But first we are talking about what YouTube requires for YouTube.That is, what is the policy of YouTube through which you can earn PC from YouTube۔ 


YouTube is a pay-as-you-go platform and people are making millions through it.But for those who are new YouTubers, the biggest problem is that the video does not get views, but there is no need to worry. Today I have brought a very good website for you guys to get freeviews.So its procedure is very easy. You just have to get the link of your stream video and paste that link there then you will get free views. 

How to get free views:

First of all you people have to take new tab in your mobile. and after taking it you have to search there" . After that, you have to write search me, you have to write YouTube freeviews in the search bar of Annie website. On the article you will see after writing YouTube Freeviews. To click 

After clicking, you have to scroll down a little, there it will be written Look share, then you have to click on simple clicker, after that you have to copy the link of the video preview you want to bring. After copying you have to paste here after pasting you will get views in five to ten minutes or in one to two hours and due to taking maximum time you will get views in 24 hours. Simple is just written here clicker so you have to click on that clicker After clicking, you have to scroll down a little, there it will be written, Click Yaar, it will be written, Create Weasel, what about Get Views, then you simply have to select one of them.

Your YouTube channel may or may not be corrupted after taking free views.

So many people often say that your channel gets deleted after taking free use but there is nothing like that here the views you will get will get 100 percent real views.So your channel is not bad because of getting rail views but it becomes right and gets ranked. 

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