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Who invented the mobile first?

Who invented the mobile first?

 Friends do you know who was the first to make a stuckle phone in the world and when to make it if you do not know this video.

First phone mobile 

Watching cooper is not a very well-known name, but more than half of the world's population is known by his invention. The idea of rotating the phone in his hand was in his mind, and then with the MOTOROLA team, he made the first manual telephone in 1973, which weighed two kilos on the New York road when he first made a telephone call, he could not even imagine that this would become so popular and so common. Now the network of industries around the world is running on the basis of different technologies of mobile phones. The value of the mobile phone was $4,000, which is $10,000 in terms of the value of the dollar. The top said that the biggest problem his China had was to minimize the happiness of thousands of conditions. He said that the industrial design makers had done this work, and as long as they were able to do so, they had a few dollar children. The new phone actually contained a large part of its battery and its weight was four or five times more than the rest of the phone, the battery's life was 20 minutes but it was not a big problem because the phone weighed so much that it could not talk to anyone for so long, Martin told the BBC program that he had spent about $10 million on making the first mobile phone. He said that he had estimated that in just 33 years, the purpose of making mobile phones was to improve the interaction between doctors and hospital staff, he hoped that the invention was to protect people And a sense of freedom will arise.

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