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Benefits and harms of joining this website


Benefits and harms of joining this website 

 There are 5 benefits and 1 disadvantage of following this channel First benefit is that you will know about emerging technologies Data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IOT, quantum computing, cyber security, DevOps and digital marketing Second benefit is that we will talk about how you can earn more money How to set passive income, how to start side hustle, how to do freelancing, how to earn money online Third benefit is that you will know about travel, how to travel the world, how to apply visa, how to apply for immigration, how to move forward and explore the world Fourth benefit is that this channel will help you to become a better person To make you a harmless person, so that you can benefit others but not harm anyone So that you can be a beneficiary and not a beneficiary And the last thing, this channel will help you to earn money in a different way To earn money is a different thing, to save money is a different thing, wealth management, asset management is a different field, increasing income is a different field These are the 5 benefits of following this channel The disadvantage is that you will change, you will not be the same as before If you are happy in your life, in your friends, in your environment, then do not follow this channel If you want to change, you can change so much that your friends change, your preferences and priorities change Your means of income, means of knowledge, everything changes A constant anxiety comes into your soul, you go on a journey that has no destination So please subscribe to this channel I am Zeeshan Usmani

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