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Best TikTok viral ideas

Best TikTok viral ideas 


 want to go viral on TikTok here are five video ideas that you can try today to have more success now of course there's no Surefire way to go viral there's no guaranteed formula for success and ultimately going viral on TikTok or on Instagram reels or on YouTube shorts is kind of like buying lottery tickets so one of the most Surefire ways to go viral is to buy a lot of lottery tickets and you do that by posting a lot of content but with that being said there are definitely some kind of videos that consistently pop off and blow up more than others so here are five tangible ideas that you can give a try today my first idea is a day after day series day one of losing 300 pounds day two of losing 300 pounds day three of losing 300 pounds and so on and so forth I've seen these consecutive series relating to pretty much every topic from a custom dance move to asking for a celebrity to play beer pong with you there are multiple examples of this and really what I think this proves is that consistency is King but also that people love buying into reoccurring content and it's why we love watching TV and it's why TV was such an effective model and still is for decades it's because we love tuning in every Thursday night at the same time to watch the same show and so if you can consistently create content in a series people start to look forward to your content and eventually one of those days will blow up and then all of the subsequent days and the rest of your journey will also blow up idea number two is to stitch an already popular video now the key with this one is to grab a video that's currently going viral while it's still taking off not once it's already started to Plateau find a video while it's still taking off and find it at its most key point at its most exciting and engaging Point whenever in the video you really leaned in and it grabbed your attention then Stitch the video and add on to the end of it but make sure to add on to it with something that actually has some substance and some value something that is either contrary to what the video was saying maybe you're adding on some additional information maybe you're clarifying maybe you're disagreeing with what the video was originally saying but add on some additional information to make it your own unique video and not just piggyback off of the success of the previous viral video the third viral Tick Tock idea that I have for you is creating a video that's essentially saying I'm logging off for 30 days and I want to see what this video looks like when I get back another idea that I've seen is I'm giving this account to my girlfriend for Christmas please blow up this account with tons of followers I'll be back on December 24th or I'm deleting my Tick Tock for a year I'm going to come back on June 13th 2024 and let's see how many followers I can get from this one video it's essentially using the masses to kind of feel like they're in on something to kind of feel like they're a part of something bigger than just content that this content is going to be used to help build a following or or build a gift for someone else my fourth idea to go viral on Tick Tock is to create multiple if not dozens of the same exact Trend if you find a trend that you are early to that you feel like you can create a relatable joke or some some sort of scenario that relates to your Niche create multiple versions of it the way the tick tock algorithm works is it's content based it's going to show your best content to the people who would be most interested in that content so don't worry about overloading your followers or if your posts get seen too many times in a row by your followers and them unfollowing you that's something to worry about on Instagram but that's not something to worry about on Tick Tock instead I want you to really focus on pumping out a high quantity of posts if you are an early adopter to a trend you can create dozens of the same video of the same Trend and the odds are one of them will be successful so if you start to find Trends if you start to discover a sound that you think is going to blow up or you see some signs that it's already starting to Trend in that direction then remake it dozens of times as many times as you can come up with my fifth idea for a viral video on Tick Tock is something that's slightly controversial now I don't want you to do this if you're someone who is easily affected by trolls and haters because the point point of this video is to literally bring out the trolls and haters it's sharing something that you believe in that you feel strongly about that is slightly controversial and I'm not talking a controversial opinion that ends up just being some vanilla opinion like you should wear rain boots when it's raining I'm talking an actual controversial opinion something that is going to really divide people 50 50 because what that creates is arguments in the comments and again I'm not saying to be hateful I'm not saying to intentionally call people out I'm not saying to you know generate hate and spread distrust and create drama just for the sake of drama but if there's something you believe in if there's something that you feel is a core value for you but it's slightly controversial it's okay to be intentionally slightly controversial and I will say that the more controversial you are the more comments it's going to generate the more arguments and back and forth it's going to generate the side that is with you is going to come out in big support and the side that's against you is going to come out in big okay I can say it another way if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen this isn't for everyone I understand that this isn't necessarily popular or the most socially acceptable way of growing it's a little bit frowned upon in fact even just me saying it is a little bit controversial but being intentionally slightly controversial has been shown to increase your odds of going viral I will say this though be careful if you're going to be posting controversial content it ain't always easy to deal with those comment sections and a lot of times they can get really negative and really bitter so if you are going to do this I would say Start Gentle start with something that is maybe like I love Crocs I remember I posted that one time and I didn't realize it would be so controversial but some people love Crocs and some people hate Crocs I wouldn't do anything that's necessarily too political or anything like that unless you're really ready for it unless it's something you really believe in something you really want to take a stand about but hey it has been shown that these kind of controversial posts oftentimes do go viral thank you so much for watching today let me know down comments which of these five viral ideas you're going to try first and don't forget to hit the Subscribe button so you can get more content just like this thanks for watching

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