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How to get TikTok followers

 How to get TikTok followers 


if you want your follow notification so look like this on TikTok you need to make sure that you're posting enough using Tiktok's latest features and following the three golden rules when it comes to the latest TikTok algorithm update for 2024 in fact if you violate any of these three things it's going to be the reason you're not getting the followers that you want to right now and that you're not going to blow up on TikTok theying The Best Time Ever to get followers on TikTok cuz all you need is 10,000 followers in order to get paid from TikTok they're literally paying creators $3 top 5 for every 1,000 views that you're getting so long as you have over 10,000 followers in fact this creator literally just implemented the tips I'm about to share with you and gain over 200,000 followers in just 30-day period and the same thing can happen to you if you simply Implement everything that I ask for starters I need to make sure that you're using Tiktok's four latest features that they are pushing like absolute crazy right now the first one are going to be the different game features that they have they have a bunch of different filters now that are games and you can make these games last over 60 seconds long and guess what this does one a lot of people are interacting with this type of content so naturally they're going to watch that content and TikTok is going to push this content to more people secondly it's a built-in game so people are watching to see whether or not you win or whether or not you lose so there's a built-in hook into the piece of content and this is the laziest content that you could possibly make and on top of that it's a new feature so TikTok is pushing it like crazy the second thing you need to make sure that you're doing is using the green screen feature the green screen feature again is going to force you to do two things one put a really good hook in your video and two it helps you stay up to date on what is actually trending for example yesterday there was a tornado in Fort Lauder pretty close to where I am right now and guess what if I would have created a post about this or if you would have created a post about this it would have done really well because it was breaking news and you can follow breaking news within your Niche or you can just follow breaking news that's relevant to you and it's going to Skyrocket the amount of growth that you're getting right now on TikTok but there are two other features I need to make sure you're using right now the first one are going to be Carousel posts Carousel posts are one of the easiest ways for you to be able to get a lot of followers right now these aren't going to help you make money but they will help you get a lot of followers so that you can get monetized and then you need to switch to that 60c content because more than 50% of people on TikTok right now are watching content over 60 seconds long so guess what this means that you need to begin creating content like that because if you're currently not creating longer content TikTok is going to stop pushing out your stuff in fact I bet that you're already starting to see this within your post the ones that you posted are a little bit longer end up getting more views or maybe you didn't even realize that so please make sure that you begin an increase in the length of your content cuz if you're not doing that you're not going to get anywhere near as many views as you used to on TikTok but just using the latest features isn't the only thing that you need to do to make your notifications look like this on TikTok you also need to make sure that you're posting enough and following the three golden rules for the latest algorithm but first need you to smash that subscribe button if you want to grow quicker on TikTok Instagram or YouTube I literally upload a video every single day about how to grow on these Platforms in addition to that I just created a free TikTok growth course you can get at the pin comment below it's going to tell you things like the best time to post on TikTok and the best hashtags to use because unfortunately I'm not going to have time to cover those things in this video but they also have recently changed for 2024 so what are you waiting for go to that pin comment below register right now it's literally 100% free so when it comes to how frequently you should actually be posting on TikTok I would start out posting one to two times a day now once you start to see success you need to increase that to three to four times a day and I do want to caveat this with a few things first and foremost the more TikTok content you create the easier it's going to get to create content I don't care what n you're in you can create multiple posts a day if you get creative and if you actually understand what your audience wants to interact with now there are three mistakes that I keep seeing small accounts just like yours make over and over again so please make sure you're not doing this first and foremost you need to be waiting at least an hour in between posts on TikTok if you don't wait at least an hour it's going to drastically decrease the amount of views that you get the second if you have a post do well you have a postco viral it's getting 10,000 50,000 100,000 views in a really short period of time I would stop posting for at least 24 hours to let that post breathe and then the third thing you need to make sure that you're doing is not abandoning what you're seeing work on TikTok I see so many accounts do this they'll do a post that's a certain length using a certain sound or on a certain topic or using a certain feature it works and then the next post that they do has nothing to do with that you shouldn't be doing this you should be doubling down on your success whether it be a sound whether it be a feature whether it be a topic or a hook or anything and the reason for that is you want TikTok to Compound on itself and to get you more and more and more and more views and the only way that's going to happen if if keep giving the audience what they want and not starting from scratch every single time that you go to create a post and this leads me to by far the most important part of this video if you're serious about belonging up on TikTok right now you need to make sure that you're following the three golden rules for the current TikTok algorithm and if you skip just one of them it's going to be the reason that you fail to grow and you need to make sure that you're doing these things every single time that you post the first test that you have to pass or Golden Rule that you have to follow is you need to make sure that whatever you're posting about is actually something that TikTok is pushing out if you post about something and TikTok has no history pushing it out in the last 7s odds are you're going to get stuck at 250 views or you're going to get stuck at 300 views the second thing you need to be paying attention to it's the actual length of your piece of content you can get the topic right but if you create a video that's the wrong length and just a 3 5 10c difference can make your video the Wrong length well guess what TikTok isn't going to push your content out also and remember the shorter the post the closer you need to be to the actual length of the original post that you're seeing so the way that you should be creating content you should see that somebody else did something and it worked and then you do your take on that whether it be the feature whether it be the sound whether it be the hook whether it be the topic you need to do your take on something that already exists I know what you're thinking right now Rob that's copying that's not original and that couldn't be further from the truth in fact one of the most creative people that people say was alive during our lifetime is Steve Jobs well guess what Steve Jobs didn't invent the smartphone he didn't invent the laptop he just made a better version of those things and that's why he was successful and I'm asking you to do the same exact thing when it comes to TikTok posts not asking you to reinvent the wheel I'm asking you to take inspiration from somewhere else and then make that thing a 100 times better and on top of that need to make sure that you're hitting this third and last Golden Rule which is that 70% of people need to still be watching your video after the first 3 seconds and the only way that this is going to happen is if you have a good hook in your piece of content or choose the right topic for your piece of content cuz you could have a bad hook but a really good topic that people are interested in and they're still going to watch because if you're not doing those things it's going to be the reason that you failed to blow up on TikTok right now during the easiest time ever to grow and since you're so serious about growing on TikTok and 2024 and you're finally able to take advantage of this because you understand how big of an opportunity there is not only to grow but also to make some money on TikTok if you're able to get monetized well I personally want to help you in fact I want to look at your account and tell you everything you need to do different for your specific account I want to tell you when to post what to post I want to critique your content tell you everything that I would do differently so if you want to work with me personally in order to grow faster on TikTok well please keep watching this video cuz I've got a special offer for you the opportunity to grow on Tiktok and this organic Reacher we're currently seeing is not going to last for forever and the only two things holding you back from getting the followers that you deserve right now on TikTok and the followers that you want is one you haven't implemented the steps that I share with you in this video to help you get more followers and two you haven't gotten into my TikTok mentorship program yet where I literally I'm going to guarantee that I help you get more followers in the next 30 days or you get your money back zero questions asked and the way that this works is I'm going to tell you exactly what to post when to post what hashtags use to guarantee that you get more followers in the next 30 days if that sounds interesting then please go to the link in the description below and get signed up right now the average person that's gone through this program has gained over 50,000 followers and nobody has ever gone through it and gained less than 6,500 followers if they implemented everything that I share with them and since you're still watching this video I'm going to assume that you're above average so the odds you gaining over 50,000 followers is probably quite high and it doesn't matter what your background is or what your Niche is this program is going to help you get more results faster and easier if you're struggling right now to grow on TikTok you need to get into this because every single day that you wait it's only going to get harder to grow so what are you waiting for go to the link in the description below and sign up right now you literally have absolutely nothing to lose you're going to get more followers on TikTok or you're going to get your money back in fact this Creator just went through this program and gained over 10 million followers this Creator over 14 million and this Creator over 16 million and I want you to be my next success story so please stop procrastinating invest in yourself now and get the TikTok followers that ultimately you deserve or I strongly suggest you check out the next two videos I put up on the screen because they're the videos YouTube thinks you should watch next thank you so much for watching

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