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How to grow an audience on Twitter

How to grow an audience on Twitter 


 Twitter is the best platform to grow an audience with the recent takeover of Elon Musk it's seen a surging popularity that is not stopping anytime soon more and more people are using Twitter as their primary source of social media every single day that's why in this video I'm going to be showing you step by step exactly how to grow an audience on Twitter and have thousands of people engaging with your content if you listen carefully and follow these steps you too can become one of the biggest creators in your Niche first off you've got to optimize your profile and that starts with your profile picture it has to be clean clear aesthetically pleasing and showcase that you are a person worth following on Twitter you can use canva pfpmaker you could send it off to someone at Fiverr or upwork or get a professional photo done next up is your banner image make it eye-catching tell us exactly what it is you do direct us where to go next to find out more about you again you can get templates on places like canva or get somebody to do it for you the next thing you need to do is focus on your bio now a simple structure to use when you're first starting out is I'd help do y with zed so for example height Fury we are a simple automation tool to grow your audience on Twitter clean clear and understandable now you've optimized your profile what is it you actually Tweet now we would recommend three to five tweets a day one thread a week but you have to be consistent if you want to grow on the platform now a thread is just a series of tweets and it's a powerful way to Showcase your Authority in a particular Niche you could tell them a story you could show them a transformation you could do a step-by-step guide exactly like I'm doing here but in written form now it's no secret that threads are the growth hack and in height Fury not only can you schedule them and see exactly what they look like on the timeline we have a bank of thousands of ideas of viral tweets so that you know that your thread is going to blow up the better the thread the more valuable the content the more likely that it's going to be shared and if it's shared more people will see it and more people will follow you now this is going to sound counter-intuitive but when you first start out your tweets aren't really that important people can't see them because you've only got a small audience so this is where comments come into play when you comment on Twitter with somebody with a lot of followers there's likelihood that not only will Their audience see it but the person who wrote it will engage with your Tweet they could like it or even retweet it into their audience and if they've got thousands of followers that's thousands more people that are going to be able to see what you write and the last step is the most important being on social media means being sociable Network diving DMS jump on calls with people because the more friends you've got on this journey the more support you've got to grow your account and that's it the exact step-by-step formula for you to grow an audience on Twitter and establish a name for yourself in your Niche head to the description and click the top link or go to to start scheduling and planning your content there is no better time to start your Twitter growth Journey than right now so don't delay hit the link in the description hype thanks for watching and we'll see you next time

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