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How to growth your YouTube channel

   How to growth your YouTube channel


I am recording this video and in today's video, I will share three things with you. If you have to follow these three things, then Inshallah  your channel will grow. In today's video, I am not talking at all. Your topic should be good, your title, your description, your tags, your thumbnails, your quality, your consistency because I have shared all these things with you in I don't know in dozens of videos by 2023. You do not have to ignore all these things. All the things that I have just named, you have to do them. Apart from these, there are three tips which are very simple. But often most of us YouTubers do not follow these three tips. When I talk to them, they say, Tanveer Bhai, they have tried everything, the channel is not growing. When I ask them, most of them just He tells a few things which he is doing but the number of things which he is leaving out is very large, well I am not going to go into all those things in today's video, there are three tips, follow them brother, the first tip is good. These are some Islamic tips. The first tip is that whenever you make a video for your channel, do not try to make it by taking a bath. If you cannot take a bath, it is cold, then at least do ablution. See what you people usually say. youtube So when you open a shop, do you rub your eyes like that, meaning you go and sit in the shop in a dirty and impure state? No, if you don't take a bath and go, then at least you go with your hands clean and pure. You go to your shop even if you accept it, then here in a state of impurity, how can you record a video and upload it and then you think that now Allah has given me success. Yes, body-shaming people can say this. Brother, the people of other religions who are not Muslims do not come after performing ablution. Their channels are also growing. Brother, I am not talking about them. You are the children of Muslims, what is the problem with doing ablution for you people? Till date, I have made more than 1500 videos. Alhamdulillah, it is easy to say 1500. I have made more than 1500 videos. There is not a single video that I have made without Vaju. I try to take a bath first and be clean. Let me sit in front of you and make a video, and if I can't take a bath because it's too cold, then at least I do it in my bathroom. In my videos, you will often see either my neck wet or the sleeves wet or the T-shirt or whatever. You get an idea that Tanveer Bhai has just come from the washroom and it happens that I come back from the washroom or I come after taking a bath or after doing ablution, so the first tip is that the video. Record when you are clean, when you are clean, give all the gossip from inside your mind, all the backbiting, all the profiteering, all these things come out just like that, you get the respect of others for your sake, when you are clean, i.e. You have to record the video after being clean. Coming to the second tip, this is the second tip, this is also an Islamic tip. See brother, if any of you have parents alive, then get your parents to pray for your success. Okay, this is Keep in mind that there is a fixed time for your success, you cannot get success before time, you hang upside down, you cannot get it, there is a time for success, wait for that time and continue working hard together, now say no or say this. That friend Tanveer Bhai, I pray for my success after every Namaz, my mother does, my father does, my prayers are not being accepted, don't talk mean like this, brother, there is no fixed time for everything. May 2023 not be the year of your success. Allah Taala may have written your success in 2024 and you may sit in despair. Despair is blasphemy, despair is a sin, do not be despondent, however, do pray to your parents for your success especially. Check with your father, I am not a denyer of the mother's prayers, but I believe that the father's prayer for the child is not accepted as quickly as the mother's. Many of you scholars must be sitting here. You can understand this thing better, friend, I have also had practical experience, I have generally seen that friend, if a mother means she keeps praying for 24 hours, go son, may Allah make you happy, may Allah give you so many sons, may Allah make you successful. Mothers keep on praying, the father usually comes forward and apparently gives very few prayers, but if you get your father to pray from his heart, now not even this, Abbu, pray for me, you should not say to Abbu in such a way that Abbu Please pray for me Abbu, no no Abbu, will you pray for me today, no, it is not so, live in such a way in front of Abbu that prayers for you emerge from his heart, the blessings of your father, this directly takes you towards success and if Let me share my experience with you, my success is also due to my father's blessings. My mother passed away in 2012. At that time, I was in youtube. My mother passed away and in 2021, my father also passed away. I have passed away but as a result of my father's prayers, Allah has given me success now.

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