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How to contact youtube team

 How to contact youtube team 

Details :-

Assalam Walekum, I am Tanveer Atif and you are watching the technical method of how to contact Tanveer by youtube. So in today's video, I am going to share four methods with you. Out of these four, whichever method you like, please understand. You can contact YouTube in the same way as mentioned above. See, the first way is to go to YouTube and take help. These are the four methods. Although I will teach you practically by going to the mobile phone screen, but first here I am just telling you in words from the help center. You can also take help on the second number, you can email us on youtube, cutter #sport @, create #sport @youtube, on top of this, you can also email us on youtube, there is a way to talk through live chat, you can talk on youtube. Well, let me clear one thing here, it is not necessary for the channel to be monetized. Secondly, people understand that when we chat live, perhaps a robot answers, there is a machine learning system, the answer comes automatically. It is not so, there is a live person sitting ahead and he is replying to you. The fourth method is yes, If you do not know how to do live chat, then let's like the video on the mobile phone screen and if we learn the method, then friends. You have come to the screen of your mobile phone, first of all go to, now see here, how do you do live chat from youtube, here there is an application named Wati Studio, I can open it from here. Let me open it, now see what you have to do, okay, this channel is not monetized, because of which I am doing this, this channel is not monetized, now the logo of your channel is coming on the top on the right hand side, click on it, click on it. After doing this, you see Help Center written here, click on it. When you click on Help Center, now here you are being given the option Contact Us. You have to click on it. Now you are here. But he is asking you, brother, tell us what can we help you, brother, what is the problem, tell me something, I will write anything here, I have not received my name, I say no, I click on the other. And below, I click on the next step, after that you have to come down here again, next step, above this you have to click, now there are two options here, yes, email chat, I say no, friend, I want to chat. I clicked on the chat, now see here it is asking for your name, let me move this page a little higher, so here yes, I have moved this page up, first name, here I write whatever your name is. Suppose you have to write your name, here I write hi Tanveer, in the last name I write G A S G H A R Asghar, after that I give the link of channel below, after that it is saying below how we can help you. Here also you have to write something, after writing it means you have to write that friend I haven't received my G PIN or XYG or whatever is your issue, you have to write and click on start chat, so let's go here. I have given the link of the channel. Yes, I have given the link of the channel. Now assume here that I write, Yes, I need to talk about google, I clicked on Start Chat, I clicked. Now let's see, no, this is really ahead. A living person is sitting, now I message him, hello, okay, if you send him any message, you can talk to him comfortably, you can write his name here, CHAR, whatever his name is, it is also the name of the British. It is very difficult, if only there is a call, then now call I need to talk about AdSense PIN. Right now the AdSense account is not linked with this channel, the channel itself is not monetized, so where did the matter of PIN come from, now it is a natural thing, the guy has appeared. Is there anything, so I have to ask him, so now in this way you can chat with him, but the purpose of saying is that if your channel has any issue with your AdSense, then here you can discuss it with him in this way, okay. Now I will close it from here because man, I am unnecessarily troubling this poor guy. Okay, what is the next way, this is the best option. You come here [laughter] If you click on the tweet, then see it here now  Team YouTube's Bean Hacked Normally the reply comes within one and a half to two hours. If they really feel that it is a serious matter then they message you in the inbox also. So see here on the right hand side below, there is a letter mark, click on it. If you do, they message you in your inbox. Here we talked about something, you can also do youtube on write studio.

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