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Get more TikTok views

 Get more TikTok views


you probably clicked on this video because you're getting views that look like this or even just this in this video I'm actually show you how the algorithm works and what to improve upon in your videos to actually get videos that look like this my name is ____ and I've been growing accounts on social media for the past seven years across TikTok Instagram and even YouTube so I know a little bit when it comes down to growing on social media and what to actually look for to improve your content this can be Universal for personal Brands businesses or even faceless Tiktoks like I've currently talked about with the creativity program beta on TikTok so you can start to generate tens even hundreds of thousands of views per video and it's really not that hard once you get the framework down so first I'm going to break down the metrics values then go into the phases for the videos and then actually give you guys some tips to actually improve your videos if you still are stuck so first I'm going to kind of explain the algorithm and some of you guys might understand what the algorithm is but I just want to kind of dive a little bit deeper and give you my understanding of what the algorithm looks like so on TikTok more specifically there are three different video phases so first there is the seating phase second the expansion phase and finally the viral phase and in each phase they determine what metrics are hit to push you further into the next phase and that might have sound like a lot but I'm going to break it down really quickly so to break it down a little bit better let's talk about the metrics first think of the algorithm like a point system if you get more points than another person obviously you win now you might be wondering what are these points starting off a video with over 150% watch time is going to be six points that means they have to watch the video all the way through and then some the second metric is 100% watch time which is Five Points that means they watch the entire video all the way through a share on the video is going to be three points a comment is going to be two points and a like will be one point as you can see a like is honestly meaningless in the whole grand scheme of things you really don't want to be pushing for likes you simply want to retain viewership if you understand how these platforms work they want people to stay on the platforms as long as possible this is because they get more money in their pocket from advertisers so if you can help TiKToK by retaining viewership you're going to benefit in the long run so let's get into the video phase breakdown and show you exactly how these metrics values and points actually play a role in this so the seating phase is the initial phase that's 0 to 1,000 views so imagine there's a bunch of different videos posted obviously you're fighting amongst everybody to get attention on this app so let's say one video gets 25 points and another gets 16 points the one with 25 points will move forward into the expansion phase while the one that lost will be stuck at the initial phase continuing down the one that gets 20 points versus the 10-point video the 20 point video will win and move forward into the expansion phase at this point this is around 10,000 views and so when these two videos face each other obviously the one with 25 points will win over the 20 point video and because it got more engagement more more comments more retention and overall this the best metrics compared to all the other videos it will move on to the viral phase so I hope that helps you kind of understand why you need to actually push for other metrics and not just likes and simple stuff like that now you might be wondering what do I do to improve and get more of these points off these metrics first you want to kind of work on better hooks the number one reason most people aren't getting any views is because when someone lands on your video they're not intrigued right off the bat what you can do is add animations or sound effects to really interrupt their pattern so what we like to call this in the content world is a patter pattern interrupt simply just stopping people from scrolling by introducing something that will make their brain stop and process what is going on and this can be done in a variety of different ways which I'll go down in depth on other videos on how to actually perfect hooks the second tip I can give you is ctas which stand for call to action by Simply Having people comment on your video and share it is just going to drastically improve your performance on your video this can be done by just pushing people to comment like I said or even just a cool one for faceless Tiktoks is a share and then more to see who blocked you I'll put up a video right now to actually showcase you how some accounts actually do this now you can see who has blocked you here on TikTok just click on share then click on more and select blocked I'll go more in depth on ctas in a future video alongside hooks but for now that is simply what you kind of want to improve upon and one of the last tips I can give you which is universal across all social media platforms is controversy now controversy is obviously big but but you obviously don't want to overplay it because you can easily get community guidelines strikes for this but it will increase your comments your shares everything more organically and you really don't have to do anything except for just poking a few buttons but don't go overboard with this because like I said there can be some problems that come along and the best way to actually improve your videos is just simply consuming content that is in your Niche look at what they do for their hooks their CT and overall what they do to actually get attention it's different for every Niche but if you can take what they're doing and improve upon it you will easily start to see an improvement in your videos so by getting better hooks better ctas and even causing a little bit of controversy you will get views but if you are still stuck at zero views and no views at all it simply means that your account has just been flagged or Shadow banned and this can simply be maneuvered when you first start an account you don't want to post multiple times a day and just start posting right away you you want to warm up the account you want to engage with content on your for you page and engage with content within your Niche to start to actually warm up your account you want to do this for about 24 hours before you even start to post and when you do start to post after those 24 hours you want to only post once a day do this for the first week and then eventually ramp it up to around two to three videos a day this will ensure that TikTok knows you're actually giving to the platform and not just taking and I have a full community in a program from an a toz breakdown on how to actually generate money with faceless TikTok accounts we have a whole community of people that are actually crushing it right now with the new creativity beta program opportunity so if you guys want to check that out the link is in the description if you guys like this video make sure you subscribe turn post notifications on like and even comment down below what you guys would like to see for more videos in the future I'm going to start posting more broad topics within social media because my main expertise is social media growth in general across Instagram TikTok and even YouTube so if you guys are interested in any specific kind of content make sure you guys comment that down below I'll see you guys in the next next video

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